Falling In Love with Natassia is both an absorbing story and an intimate exploration of the mysterious corners and contradictions of human desire. Anna Monardo distinguishes herself as a major talent, drawing characters whose interior lives are as fully realized as the exquisitely detailed worlds they inhabit. This is that rare novel that is at once epic in its scope and unafraid to plumb its own psychological depths—in other words, a true work of art.” — Meghan Daum, author of The Quality of Life Report and My Misspent Youth

“Monardo has put together one of the most insightful, complex and deeply human stories you’ll read this year. It’s not an easy book to read, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Her characters—flawed in ways that evoke both understanding and anger from the reader—are not cardboard, literary templates but people you could know and even like.”  Lincoln Journal Star
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“Monardo knows human nature inside and out. And she understands loss… and found just the right words to express it.” — Deseret (UT) Morning News
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“All the characters face events that shake their status quo… Monardo’s novel is a far reach from many of the mindless diversions advertised as beach reads. It isn’t too heavy, it isn’t too light. Actually, for a summer read, it feels just right.”  Denver Post Click here to read the entire article

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the heartrending struggle of this mother and daughter intertwined… Read the book. I guarantee you will enjoy it.” — Colette, BellaOnLine Women’s Lit Editor Click here to read the entire article

“Hauntingly honest… Troubling, disarming and uncomfortably real.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Monardo’s sentences are as lyrical as those of her debut, The Courtyard of Dreams.”
— Publishers Weekly

The “10 Best To Do” column in the July 2006 issue of Marie Claire includes Falling in Love with Natassia. “This intense novel by Anna Monardo stays with you long after you read the last page.”

“A big, completely absorbing, complex novel peopled by fascinating characters.” Bookist